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Is It Possible to Overdose My Pet with Too Many Vitamins or Supplements?

Sometimes people think that if something is good for their pet (or themselves), more equals better. But, the problem with that idea is that it’s never true. Like humans, adults, or children, animals can overdose on too many vitamins and supplements. This can make them very sick and even cause serious complications, including death. But, it depends on the vitamin or supplement.

Symptoms of Vitamin or Supplement Overdose:

If your pet has got into their (or your) supplements, the best course of action is to immediately get them to an emergency vet clinic – even if they have no symptoms yet. If they are having symptoms, these will usually include digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and painful gas. Most overdoses are not intended. If you’re cognizant of what is in your pet’s food before you supplement, and only give the recommended daily amounts, it’s very unlikely to overdose your pet with too many vitamins or supplements.


Typically, you can’t overdose a pet on probiotics. That’s because they already exist in the body and gut and aren’t foreign substances. However, you need to ensure that the probiotics you’re giving your pet have no other ingredients, as the other ingredients can pose problems depending on what they are. Even the capsule ingredients matter.


Giving your pet enzymes can help cut down on the gas which can cause stomach and digestion issues. Like probiotics, enzymes are naturally present in the body; therefore, you cannot overdose on them. However, again, checking out the total ingredients is important, and only giving the recommended dose is safest.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Did you know that one reason for pet food recalls has to do with the balance of artificial and synthetic vitamins and minerals being off? The sad thing is that many of these problems have to do with the chemical preservatives and carriers used to distribute the vitamins and minerals. Like probiotics and enzymes, how the supplement is made is very important too.

Supplementing Safely:

The best way to ensure that you supplement your pet safely is to not act on your own. Talk to your vet, get the right blood tests for your pet to check for deficiencies (and overdoses), and only use supplements that are made from whole foods rather than manmade ingredients when possible.

Having a happy and healthy pet is the goal for most people who have pets. If you want to ensure that your pet is in optimum health, don’t supplement just because someone told you to do it. Only do it when you know for a fact that your pet needs it. You can find out from your vet exactly how much of any vitamin and mineral your pet needs based on their breed, weight, and other factors. This will help ensure that you never overdose on your pet.

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