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Which vitamins Are Best for Skin and Coat?

Pets sometimes have issues with their skin and coat. Just like us humans, they can get dry hair and dry and itchy skin, and for some, it’s worse than others. If your pet is having issues with its skin and coat, you may want to look for an appropriate vitamin that will help them based on the type of pet it is and its problem. Here are some alternatives.

For Dogs

Is your dog’s coat dull, greasy, or thin? Is their skin itchy, and are they scratching a lot? If they don’t have an underlying condition such as a food allergy or illness that needs medication or vet care, there are options that you can try.

For Cats

Many issues can cause problems with a cat’s coat and skin. Some cats are allergic to certain by-products in the food you give them. Others are bathed too often by their owners in an effort to cut down on allergens for the humans in the household. But for the most part, a healthy cat who is well cared for brushed often, and fed a healthy diet, should have a thick, shiny, soft coat without scabs or the need to scratch.

If you’ve ruled out fleas (and just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t have them) or other issues, you can try supplementation for your cat’s coat.

Another issue that could interfere with your pet having a healthy, shiny coat is obesity. Many house pets are obese. If you’re feeding your pet table scraps, pet food, treats, and more, that can be a serious issue for them. Try feeding them the right food in the right amounts at the right time, with plenty of fresh water, using vet-recommended supplements as directed. Within 12 to 15 weeks you should notice a huge difference.

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